United States Embassy - Tel Aviv, Israel

Design Purpose:

The existing US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel required a facade renovation due to salt water penetration and poorly planned renovations of the course of 4 decades, creating discombobulated masses. The new projected bar wraps from the southeast corner around the south façade, uniting the building’s massing, while exposed vertical concrete columns reestablishes the character of the original design across all elevations. The entrance, only appropriate for diplomatic functions, and the enclosed loggia were reclad with translucent resin panels and reflective metal that capture the vertical elements of the upper façade, and accentuate its solid panels giving the illusion of holding the weight of the projecting bar above. Also the exterior walls were improved with new energy efficient windows, sunshades, and new glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) which is impervious to saltwater.

Charles W. Jacobs Jr. designed this project while employed with EYP.